Sunday, February 14, Haute Coiffure Française had the great pleasure to present its new spring-summer 2016 collection, on stage at the Carrousel du Louvre.


MORNING 10:00a.m-12:00p.m



For this LOVE collection, Haute Coiffure Française is showcasing daintily destructured cuts, created using simple but proven techniques. A sense of the authentic, purity and fluidity permeates throughout an all-white world symbolic of innocence. Highlights bring these intermingling shades of well-balanced blonde to life to create mellow looks that are both masculine and feminine.

Realized on stage by Véronique Dumazet, Philippe Laurent and Laurent Tourette.



Always on the look-out for new talent, the 8th International HCF Trophy with its renown for a creative freedom that is unrestrained by age or ethnicity, is once again in the spotlight. After carefully scrutinising before and after photos a few weeks befor the big day, the jury of salon professionals has assessed the 10 finalists. More than 6 countries compete over a two hour period as they endeavour to re-create the look from the image selected on their model.



Sexy chic glamour, monochromatic, optical illusion. Each hairstylist presents three models, one for each theme. The modern woman who loves to shop, the woman straight off the front page of a magazine and the avant-garde woman who’s at the very forefront of fashion.

Realized by Eric Zemmour (sexy chic glamour), Jérémy Blanc (monochromatic) and Sophie Bauçais (optical illusion).



AFTERNOON 3:00p.m-5:00p.m



A combination of hair and fashion. A hairstyle for the catwalk followed by the Fred Sathal fashion show. Fred Sathal, designer and visual artist, whose work embodies various identities, in which she officiates for haute couture, stage arts and contemporary art. She works on materials and fabrics, moving them from their reality, in a plastic approach, rich of inventions, flamboyance, detachment from dogmas and all sorts of established manners, her works carries the value of being free. Very noticed in the world of haute couture, Fred Sathal produces unique pieces, real pieces of art. For this, she uses manipulations, procedures she invents and develops through an alchemy only her has the secret.



We experience the world through the filter of our emotions. Three hairstylists express themselves through three different emotions. Joy, melancholy and anger ; three different expressions of beauty that, ultimately, come together in love.



Annoucement of results and awards ceremony. L’Oréal Professional colour award, People’s choice award and Overall winner.



Sunday 18th September 2016, at Espace Grande Arche, la Défense.


Pictures : Didier ADAM



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