The Haute Coiffure Française welcomes RominaMaria SABOU, Living Room Studio Boudoir Privé, which is the winner of the HCF Trophy 2016. Romina-Maria accompany Creative Team of the HCF to the presentation of the next autumn-winter collection 2016 -2017.



Seeking out new talent, it’s time for the 8th edition of the HCF international trophy, known for the liberty of creation, irrespective of their age or the school they are from. Almost eighty hairdressers from 16 different countries are pitting their talents, cutting, dyeing and styling fully unfettered fashions, presented as a before/after transformation. After carefully short-listing the candidates’ photos a few weeks ahead of the event, the panel of professionals from the trade press and the world of hairdressing assessed the 9 finalists. Five countries remained in the running! The finalists were given one and a half hours to recreate the look from the selected photo.


Finalists :

Erika DANCSO – Sandy HOGUE – Remco VAN OOSTEROM – Shannon VOGELAARS – Rosalyn VAN DEN BOOM – Francella HOGENDOORN – Angela KRAFT ARNONE – Romina-Maria SABOU – Valérie GUILLAUME – Irina TEPLYAKOVA.


HCF Jury :

Mario LOPES (Panel President) – Christophe Gaillet (Member of creative team HCF) – Damien OJETTI (Central President of CoiffureSuisse) – Brice THIRON (Editorial Director of L’Éclaireur) – Carmen DUENAS CHAVEZ (Winner of HCF Trophy 2015) – Christine PLOUZENNEC (Director Education France L’Oréal Professionnel).


L’Oréal Jury :

Christine Plouzennec (Director Education France L’Oréal Professionnel).



Supervisors :

Christine BLANC, Janique LOUVET, Françoise GUIFFAUT.




After a heavy build-up of suspense, the results are announced and the awards handed out, followed by an outbreak of applause and jubilation.


  • L’Oréal Produits Professionnels Colour Award :

Shannon VOGELAARS, Salon De Gruyters (Netherlands).


  • People’s Choice Award :

Romina-Maria SABOU (Romania).


  • Overall Winner of HCF Trophy 2016 :

Romina-Maria SABOU (Romania).


Pictures : Didier ADAM


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